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Olan's Heating and Air Condtioning Huntsville, AL

Our Products
Outdoor Units
Stay cool and save a comfortable amount of money with American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning's line of Allegiance® air conditioners. Our air conditioners range in efficiency from 13 to 20 SEER —

Heat Pumps
A heat pump does the job of an air conditioner and a furnace. But unlike a furnace, it doesn't burn fuel to create heat. It uses electricity to keep your home warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and comfortable all year around.

American Standard's Heritage® heat pump family offers exclusive comfort technology and a range of options to give you the most quiet, efficient and comfortable home heating and cooling you've ever experienced.

Gas Furnaces
It doesn't matter whether you use oil or gas heat — American Standard has a range of furnaces that will bring efficient warmth to your home.among the highest efficiency ratings in the industry.

 Meet Our Partners
American Standard

American Standard

American Standard heating and air conditioning systems offer the highest level of home comfort at the lowest possible cost of operation. American Standard systems and products are praised by consumer publications and meet or exceed all government standards for efficiency.


The fact that York® products are built right has been recognized by many prestigious industry awards. That's because of York's innovative design and user friendly features help save energy, ensure sustainability and simplify maintenance.